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skullpix's Journal

Pictures of Skulls
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I collect skulls--mostly fake ones. I'll post pictures of some of the skulls from my collection every now and then, and I encourage you to do likewise. A few ground rules though:

1. If you find a great picture of a skull online, don't steal bandwith. Copy it, store it on your own server, and link to it.

2. Tell the story of where you came across the skull.

2. Real skulls are fine, but I'm not into the retarded "death is cool" mentality or interested in pictures with a high ickiness factor. I'm more interested in the way skulls are portrayed by various cultures, the "cuteification" of skulls for Halloween, and so on.

3. I personally prefer to collect representations of human skulls, but animal skulls are fine.

Incidentally, I'd like to put together a coffee table book of skulls with a photographer (photos and pictures combined with text written by yours truly), so let be known that the idea is copyright 2003 by Daniel Q. Kelly. I will sue your pants off, trust me. That said, are there any interested photographers out there who live in Chicago?